Friday, February 17, 2012

Coconut Oil & An Update!

I've been seriously absent from the blog world lately. Especially in a personal sense. I check in once and awhile to share a bit of nutritional wisdom, but don't offer up an update. I guess it is time.

I'm busy. Very busy but loving every moment. I'm over half way through my holistic nutrition program which is exciting! We're full swing into case studies now, which is exciting, yet scary all the same.

Dan is home now, for good. He got a fabulous job a month or so ago. It's night shift, but he adores it and with my hectic schedule, I barely realize he's not around. (Until he creeps in at 6am and I wake up! Thankfully, I've adjusted to this!) I'm loving having him home and getting back into a routine.

Now, you didn't think I'd give you an update without some nutritional advice did you?

I have been using the wonderful coconut oil for years now as my primary oil. Look out olive oil! Did you know that when you heat olive oil, it actually goes rancid? Due to its chemical structure, when you cook it, it actually becomes suseptible to oxidative damage. That isn't the only reason that I would recommend coconut oil though. There are many other fabulous benefits such as:

- Promoting heart health

- Promoting weight loss if and when you need it

- Supporting your immune system health

- Supporting a healthy metabolism

- Providing you with immediate energy

- Helping to maintain youthful, glowing skin

- Supporting proper functioning of the thyroid gland

Coconut oil even removes make-up! Why use a commercial brand that costs you the Earth AND contains alcohol and other not-so-good-for-you ingredients? If put on your skin as a lotion, it even helps prevent free radical damage. It also helps exfoliate the outer layers of your skin as well as strengthen the underlying tissues as it penetrates.

This oil is so great that I know I could go on about the benefits all day. I'm pretty sure neither of us have the time to hear all that. If you have any questions about quality fats or oils, please talk to me! All fats are not equal!

Wishing you a fabulous, health-filled weekend!
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