Friday, October 1, 2010

Five for Friday.

I love that...

1. You text me from the field last night even though we fully expected not to have communication due to lack of reception. I don't even know if you got my text back but I hope you did!
2. Every time we talk you tell me to say 'hi' to everyone. I usually forget to pass the message along. But, when I do remember, I do admit to forgetting and tell them you say hi all the time.
3. You want to go on some sort of vacation when you're home for Christmas regardless of how short it might end up being.
4. You text me at a ridiculous time in the morning on Monday before you went out to the field just in case you didn't have reception. :)
5. You listen to my crazy stories, rants, and excitement over the silliest things!

ps. We're almost two months down!
pps. Stay tuned for more details on my volunteer trip next week!


Jessica Lynn said...

YEA! bye-bye two months :) Haha, Kenny does #2, too, and I ALWAYS forget to pass the word along!

Jamie said...

I'm so guilty of #2 too!! And #5 of course! I'm sure Ryan knows how many hours of his life he has wasted listening to my excitement over coupons : ) Haha, they are good men!

Hope you had a happy Friday!

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