Sunday, October 3, 2010

Something Greater - Part Two.

Today is Sunday. The same day I declared Business Law day earlier this week. Well, I haven't yet looked at my Law text or study guide so I may as well continue on my journey of procrastination and tell you my plans to date for my volunteer trip!

1. I'm definitely going to Thailand.
2. I'm going to spend my time working in a baby home.
3. I have a volunteer buddy!

As number one states, I am definitely going to volunteer in Thailand. It looks like I'll be leaving at the beginning of June and I'm thinking I'll stay for a month. I have thought about volunteering for two weeks and then traveling down south to go see those amazing Thai beaches again! There were a few islands I haven't seen, so I would like to visit at least a couple of them. I'm going to leave it somewhat open (at this point at least) so I can do exactly what I want!

The orphanage I will volunteer at is called Pakkred Babies Home near Bangkok. I would share the website with you, but it is in Thai so it won't be much good to you. If you google the home you can find more info. They take in babies and children up to five years old that don't have a home. Many of these children are adopted by Americans or British parents so they encourage visits from foreigners (or "farangs" as us Westerners are known as in Thailand!)

Some of the most exciting news I have to tell you! I'm not going alone. I originally asked Dan to come with me on this journey. Unfortunately, the night I asked him to come he was being rather distant and wouldn't commit. This made me slightly angry (okay, maybe more than slightly) and he ended up telling me he was going to Afghanistan. I understood. It's a calling he feels within himself so he must go. I have yet to talk to him about this adventure since he was in the field all last week and this coming week. I'm looking forward to telling him on Friday or Saturday when he's finally done. I didn't think of asking anyone else to come with me and figured I would meet people there and make friends just like last time. But, what if one of those wonderful people I met last time had the urge to go back? Guess who is coming with me? Stacey! I mentioned her in my last post and really all throughout my blog that I kept while I was there.

After reading my previous post, Stacey told me how excited she was to hear of my adventure. We sent a few messages back and forth, I asked her if she'd like to come, and as it turns out, it is something she has always longed to do as well!

Fun facts about Stacey:

1. Her birthday is July 3rd which just so happens to be mine.
2. Her fiance is named Dan.
3. Her Dan is also in the military! They just happened to be from the United Kingdom.
4. Clearly she loves Thailand just as much as I do!

It really is a match made in heaven. Do you want to know the strangest part? The night before I chatted with Stacey about all of this, she was in my dream. I don't remember why or what she was doing there, but while talking with her, it jolted my memory that I had "seen" her recently.

That is all I have to share with you for now. I will definitely keep you all updated on my trip as I make plans!


Jessica Lynn said...

I am so incredibly happy to hear this, Ashley! And I'm really eager to hear more. How exciting that you have a friend going with you—and with so much in common, too!

ALW said...

So excited for you! I can't wait to hear more!

Jenny said...

That's so exciting! :) I will be so interested to hear about all the details! I'm glad you have a great friend to come along!

Jamie said...

I'm soooo excited for you!!! And how fun having a friend to travel with! That is crazy her fiance Dan is also in the military! It's fate! Can't wait to hear more about this : )

Claudia said...

This is such an awesome thing you'll be doing Very exciting. :D

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