Thursday, November 18, 2010

First Award!

Good morning lovelies!
I received my very first award for this blog from a new blogger friend, Kelsey - The Stylish Blogger Award!

Isn't it cute? It reminds me of SATC! Upon receiving this award, I'm supposed to tell you seven things you don't know about me! I'll follow Kelsey in making those facts style related!

1. I adore scarves. In the winter, and even cool summer days, you will find me wearing one. My favourites are made from wool, but I also love my light summer scarves from Afghanistan.

2. My favourite clothing staple this season is my faux leather jacket from Guess. It's adorable and one of the best quality faux leather jackets out there, in my opinion!

3. One item I have to splurge on is good quality jeans!

4. It is fashion over function when it comes to shoes! On one of my first dates with Dan, he took me to the beach where I wore these adorable four inch heels. He probably doesn't even remember, but I had to impress!

5. I wore flip flops up until last week. Aside from the sun, they're my favourite part about summer! I'm looking forward to stocking up when I go back to Thailand!

6. I have an obsession with colour matching. It's dangerous.

7. I secretly wish I could live in New York (actually, I'd rather London) and be a fashionista like Carrie Bradshaw wearing the latest and greatest!

I feel like I have a million exciting things to share with you all! I have been in somewhat of a posting funk lately, but I need to get out of it! I hope you're all having a fabulous week!


kelsey lauren said...

cool! i'm going to sign up for postcrossing and re-blog about it!

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