Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday Blues...

...will NOT roll over into Tuesday. Just sayin'.

I was in quite possibly the worst mood ever yesterday. I didn't want to talk to anyone or socialize whatsoever. After a good night's sleep, I was still feeling a little funky on this fine Tuesday morning, but made the decision to be happy. I will think my way to happiness.
One sad thing from yesterday, is there is no more Meet Me On Monday. Bummer.

In order to maintain my good mood (or work towards it!) here are some happy things from this weekend:

- I took a photography class and learned the DSLR basics
- I bought a new iPod since mine went missing for $100 cheaper than retail
- I had a skype date with my love
- I had a nice lunch with my parents on Sunday
- I had another generous donation for the Thai babies!

Fun thing for this evening! It was my brother's birthday on Sunday, so tonight we're heading to
The Eatery, the most delicious sushi restaurant in town! My brother has never been, so I'm looking forward to introducing my favourite sushi to him!

Here's to no more moody Monday's - only happy ones!


Jillian said...

aww I'm sorry you're in a funk, I hope you feel better soon! Sounds like you had some good parts to you weekend though! Where did you find a photography class? I've been wanting to take one. Also, yay for sushi!! That always cheers me up haha.

Jessica Lynn said...

How was the class? I'm so eager to hear what you thought of it and what you learned!!!

Abby said...

loooove the photo class! I am jealous!

Jamie said...

Oh no! No more Monday or Tuesday blues! I'm so sorry you were having a bad day but it definitely happens! Don't feel down about it- tomorrow will be a better day and tonight sounds wonderful! : )

I want to hear more about your photography class too! So happy you could use your Groupon!

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