Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back to School!


Is anyone else getting ready to go back to school? Is anyone wishing they could catch a break from regular, old life and just be a student again? Haha. I'm apparently one of those people who can't take any serious absence from attending classes. Since high school ended, I haven't spent much time completely outside of a classroom. I became an esthetician, then attended school part-time for business management and leadership, and now I'm starting up classes to become an RHN. I would like to think I'll take a hiatus from all things school related for awhile after this program, but I just can't promise anything. There are soo many health realted studies peaking my interest! I don't think I'll ever be able to learn enough.

Along with my new school year and new classes, my blog is going to get a new look very soon! I used to enjoy my dark, little blog, but recently I've been feeling I need some vibrant colours. I am happy and feeling really positive, which needs to be reflected in my blog! So, here's to a new school year and a soon-to-be new blog look!


Jessica Lynn said...

so excited to hear about your new school adventure. And I'm excited for your blog makeover!

Jo said...

I miss the days of back to school... especially the SHOPPING!!!!

Laura Darling said...

Oh I am most definitely missing back to school this year. This whole full time job thing is no fun!

Noelani said...

First off, I just stumbled upon your blog and am now a new follower - yay! :)

Second, there is nothing wrong with spending the majority of your time in a classroom setting. Just goes to show you are very ambitious which is a wonderful thing! :)

Julie said...

We are very different in that way- I couldn't get out of the classroom fast enough! But that's awesome you enjoy it so much...I wish I did!

Can't wait to see the new design!

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