Monday, August 8, 2011

I love Mondays.

Some people despise this precious day and get the Monday blues, but I personally, adore Mondays. Nothing like a fresh start every single week.

Things I'm happy about this Monday:

- I'm another week down without Dan. There are still plenty of weeks to go but we must take baby steps. Worst case senario: 16.5 more weeks. Let's not think about that.

- I get to meet my fabulous friend Jamie in Chicago this weekend for the Chicago Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon! (the half part should be interesting given my lack of running as of late)

- I've lost 10lbs in the last few weeks since I said goodbye to Dan in New Brunswick. Goodbye vacation eating and hello clean, whole foods. (Vacation foods will resume in Chicago, that I can promise. Deep dish anyone?)

- I finished my last paper for my Leadership 3 class on Saturday which means I have three weeks free from school work until I start my last business class (ever!!) and my RHN classes (love!).

- It's sunny and I mean, who can be in a bad mood with glorious weather? Not this girl.

Happy Monday to all my lovely blog friends! What is putting a smile on your face today?

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Stesha said...

Wow, I am so happy I just stumbled across your blog. I am from BC too!!! but i am currently living in Arizona ( i just spend the last month and a half up in BC!!!) ok gets better, I am training for a half marathon (In KELOWNA in October!!! I am not sure where in BC you live but if its close you should do it too) and I have been googling all morning on how to train.....then I come across your blog! You are from BC and have a training schedule for me :) Amazing! obviously i am your newest follower!

J and A said...

Good work on the 10lbs! I don't mind mondays either. :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

congrats on the weight list and you are staying positive knowing every monday is one week less you have to be away from your sweetie. mondays can be bittersweet for me, sad the weekend is over but good to have a routine and i am thankful i have a job to go to on monday mornings

Amanda said...

I am sooooo excited for you to run it! It's tons of fun! You'll really enjoy it :) Hopefully you'll get better weather than I did.... but I am actually thinking that the pouring rain was a blessing. 10lbs is a lot of weight, lady! Don't get too skinny!

Shawna said...

I don't mind Monday's...of course, I am a stay at home mom, so everyday is a weekend for me ;) way to go on the 10th pounds Ash! I hope to motivate myself once Brian leaves to workout.

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