Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Giving Thanks.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day in Canada, so it was a weekend filled with festive celebrations! We had family dinner both Sunday and Monday night - how fabulous! I was in charge of cooking the turkey - I took a crappy cell phone photo for you all.

Tom was a beautiful little bird. I also made stuffing and it was fantastic. I almost want to make it again this week - is it wrong to make stuffing when it isn't Thanksgiving or Christmas? Why don't we eat it more often? Hmmm, strange. Anyway, I want to share the recipe with you, but I forgot to take a photo and something about posting a recipe sans photo seems so wrong. I guess I have an excuse to make it again? It had butter and bread obviously, pine nuts, parsley, fresh sage, shallots, onions, and spices. Yum.

Since it is Thanksgiving after all, I should list some things in my life that I'm grateful for. You know, every year that passes, I just become more blessed in life, and feel an immense amount of gratitude for absolutely everything.

I am grateful for...

1. Skype - I can "see" Dan even when we can't be together for the holiday.

2. My family - immediate and extended - they are such amazing, beautiful people and I'm so blessed to be able to spend my life with them.

3. Nanny's Trifle - My mom and her parents were born in England so traditional British foods are made to perfection!

4. Opportunities - There is really nothing in life I feel held back from or feel I can't do. This past year, I went on my second adventure to Thailand, (almost) completed all of my business program, began my RHN program and love it, all while spending the majority of the past year separated from my best friend and love.

I hope all of my fellow Canadians have a fabulous holiday that gave you much to be thankful for!


Jessica Lynn said...

YUM YUM YUM!!!! I'm totally jealous of that trifle, too!

Lindsey (a running tale) said...

Great job on the turkey! I chickened out and made salmon and ham ;)
I do think turkey can and should be made any time! I am not a huge turkey fan - I like the leftovers for cranberry sandwiches though :)
Happy belated Thanksgiving!

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