Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy October!

Not to wish life away or anything, but I'm ridiculously excited that it's October. First of all, I can hardly even believe we're this far into 2011. I swear it was just the new year. I've been told that as I get older, the years will pass even more quickly which is a scary thought.

Why am I so excited for October? It means Dan will be home in two months! He's been gone three months so far and it's a great feeling being over halfway. We're both looking forward to his return and the fact he won't be leaving any time soon after!

I celebrated October 1st by spending the day in Cawston, BC with my parents. There is an organic farm, Harker's Organics, 4 hours away from home. We haul their produce into Whole Foods, so we thought it would be nice to check out the farm and support them during their annual Harvest Moon Festival. I'm so glad we went!

We arrived and immediately fell in love with all the fall d├ęcor. It provided some inspiration for me to pack up my flip flops at home. I've been having an unusually difficult time attuning to fall this year, but the festival definitely helped. They had a chef on site bbqing and creating fabulous food made with the organic produce. Along with the organic fruits, the farm owners, Troy and Sarah, use the fruits to make organic wine. It was so delicious! They have approximately 30 acres of land, but it is so inspiring when you see for yourself all that they are producing in that "small" area!

Here are some photos from the day!


Jessica Lynn said...

That sounds like an absolutely wonderful day!

ALW said...

How fun!

Amanda said...

So much fun! I just squealed when I saw the sunflowers!!! My fAvoritE!!

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