Monday, November 7, 2011

Boundary Bay Moustache Half Marathon!

Oh boy, I'm SO glad that is over. This half marathon was filled with learning experiences. Let me share those with you.

1. Always charge your iPod the night before. I was so focused on making sure my Garmin was charged, I totally forgot about my iPod. I could have used my iPhone, but I updated it last week on my new laptop and have yet to transfer music over. First fail.

2. The first 5K were great. At that point, I stopped for some gatorade/water. The gatorade did not agree with me at ALL. I felt awful and sick to my stomach for the remainder of the race and many hours post race. In the future, I will stick to water only.

3. I will not sign up for long races past August or warmer months. It was freaking cold. Thankfully, I went to the Running Room and bought gloves, but my muscles had a very hard time warming up. Not to mention the course was right on the water so that added to the cold.

4. I will also not sign up for small races. The Chicago Rock 'N Roll Half was obviously huge compared to this one. There is something to be said for the energy the crowd and fellow runners bring to such an event! The location for this race was beautiful so there are definitely no complaints there, but it's hard to maintain motivation when you feel like you're running alone! If it wasn't for the pylons/markers, often times I would have thought I wasn't racing at all!

Before the race!

Home stretch!

I'm so glad I went and ran it. I got my cute, little moustache medal!

First major event down for November!


Jo said...


Leigh said...

Congrats on another half marathon! That's amazing :) You should post a picture of the medal so we can see what it was like!

Stesha said...

so exciting!!!!! congrats missy!!!

Classic & Bubbly

Jessica Lynn said...

So proud of you for completing it!

Amanda said...

Congrats on your half! The first half I ever ran was in the cold and it was rough! But I'm very proud of you and you did great!

Bonnie Lang said...

Awesome work, Ashley! It LOOKED cold gloves and other running accessories for dealing with the colder temps! And yes, I'd love to see the medal - sounds like a fun one. :D

kelsey lauren said...

you're quite inspiring!

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