Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Some News.

Finally, I have a little update!

On Wednesday, Dan got news that his deployment position was possibly cut. They say he could find out later this week whether or not he's going but no doubt he'll only get a couple days notice. Regardless, we've been acting as though it is for sure happening since that is most likely at this point. I'm just working on staying as carefree and as positive as possible.

On Saturday morning, we drove up North to 70 Mile to go see Dan's mom before he leaves. We had a nice time with her and her husband, Helmut. Helmut made his delicious homemade German cheesecake as a special treat. We spent time sunbathing, fishing, crafting, chatting, and relaxing. I love spending time with regardless of what we're doing, but it's so fun to spend time driving long distances and just being able to chat and take in the scenery. We stopped at
Hell's Gate in the Fraser Canyon on the way home. We rode the Airtram and took touristy photos (My camera is with Dan so those will have to come later this week!) We also bought some delicious fudge and as I write this post I realize that we left it in our friend's Jeff and Jess' fridge! Now I'm seriously craving my rocky road fudge!

We ended up in Chilliwack at Jess and Jeff's house and made a BBQ dinner for them. They're always so generous and feed our hungry faces whenever we go so we wanted to treat them! We enjoyed their company and stayed up until 2am playing
Settlers of Catan (love it!) I'm just a little sleepy today!

I hate to think that we're now down to one weekend left until Dan leaves! With this whole deployment confusion, I am grateful that we at least get a few more days together. That makes for a happy Ashley.

I promise I will post the photos from our weekend away sometime this week!


Jamie said...

Yay for updates! It sounds like you and Dan had such a wonderful time. Hell's Gate looks so cool! I can't wait to see the pictures! So glad you're staying carefree and positive, you know I'm thinking happy thoughts for you : )

Jenny said...

Yay for being carefree and positive... I know you will be able to handle anything they throw at you!!! <3

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