Friday, July 23, 2010

Is this what it's like?

Here I sit here on a Friday night, watching Remember Me and eating dinner alone while thinking "this is what it's going to be like!" It's not terribly bad, but it's probably only easy because I know Dan is still in Vancouver. Regardless, I'm enjoying an evening to myself.


Sarah N. said...

Aww, love the book! It's beautiful.

This is how I felt most of the time while Andrew was gone...I say "most" because some nights I'd just sit around and bawl my eyes out because I missed him so much. But anyone with no kids and an independent streak is going to enjoy some aspects of deployment. There's my positive encouragement for you! =)

ashley said...

A someone who enjoys her independence as much as you do, I know I will enjoy some of it! :) Thank you for the positive encouragement!

ALW said...

So adorable Ashley!!!!

Jamie said...

Awww the book is soooo perfect!! I'm so glad you took pictures. Love it! Must steal the quotes. And I know what you mean about evenings alone. I actually love my alone time too. The best thing about being separated (not that it doesn't suck obviously) is just getting to eat, drink, watch, and do whatever you please every evening. I know not everyone feels that way but I love getting to eat healthy or even just eat dinner whenever I want while watching trashy shows in peace!

Jenny said...

I love the book! :)

I always lose weight while he is gone from eating less, so I'm actually sometimes looking forward to it? haha... <3

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