Friday, September 3, 2010

Five for Friday.

1. I am elated that my love and adoration grows each and every day, even when you're far away.

2. I love that you call me at the end of your work day regardless of how late it is for you, the early hour you woke up at, and the various other elements you faced throughout the day.

3. I miss seeing your overnight bag on the floor where you always put it.

4. I miss telling you all the mundane details about my day. You always take interest even when they seem really silly!

5. I love that you're reading my blog and learning even more about me. If you're reading this right now - I love you and you're the absolute best. Thank you for making 'Five for Fridays' so easy!


Jamie said...

Love this! Dan is amazing, and he's also one lucky guy!

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