Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Yummies.

I used to be the Grinch. I was the little girl who yelled "Christmas is officially OVER!" as soon as I'd unwrapped my gifts. I couldn't feel the festive spirit - but that has all changed.

There is something about being able to decorate your own space regardless of how small it may be. Baking in your very own kitchen also adds some inspiration and spirit of Christmas. Having someone to love and enjoy the holidays with makes all the difference too. I couldn't be more excited to have Dan come home for Christmas so we can spend a reasonable amount of time together enjoying one of the best times of the year.

Classes are over, presents are wrapped and now I'm spending my time trying to busy myself which really isn't that difficult of a task. I have the Christmas baking bug. Right now, I'm catering to family requests. Last night I baked Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies for my mom and Butter Tarts for my dad. From what I've heard, butter tarts are a Canadian thing. To my American lovelies, do you eat them? I'm not fond because I don't like raisins, but they're a big hit with the raisin lovers!

Tonight I'm going to be baking Mincemeat Tarts for my Grandad and later this week will be making Oreo Rice Krispies Squares for my sister. All of this baking will help time fly before my love comes home!

Watch for some yummy posts this week!

What are your favourite holiday treats? Any suggestions for things to bake?


Jamie said...

Awww yayyy! There's nothing like knowing your soldier's coming home to put you in the holiday spirit ; )

You're so sweet to bake so many special requests! If you're looking for something else fun (but time-consuming) you know I always recommend bakerella! I can even scan you some recipes from her book that aren't on her website! I'll be making the oreo rice krispies next week and cupcake bites for Ryan's family. I also want to make something (easy) for my coworkers!

kelsey lauren said...

yum! i want to be related to you. haha

ashley said...

Jamie, I'm excited for us to finally be able to share in our excitement simultaneously! I am excited for your Bakerella scans so I can tackle a new project! I loved your cupcake bites!

Kelsey, being related isn't a requirement but being within range of delivery is! If you ever come across the water, I'll bake for you. :)

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