Friday, January 14, 2011

Five for Friday.

It's been awhile since I've done Five for Friday! I've been busying giving the boy real life love. I'm not having a great time adjusting to him being gone again! Three weeks at home formed somewhat of a routine that I'm currently working on getting out of!

1. You did my laundry when you were home on leave. I appreciated it because it gave me the opportunity to spend more time with you when I was home from work.

2. You're so cute and shared your favourite moments with me on the way to the airport.

3. You are beyond generous to me and my family.

4. We're 3/5 goodbyes down! Only two more goodbyes and we get to say hello for good! Can't wait!

5. You made dinner with me the last night you were home for your friends. You even rushed to the store at the very last minute to get eggs and milk for the yorkshires that I thought I needed and didn't. Sorry. :)


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