Friday, January 28, 2011

Five for Friday.

1. You listen to my silly work stories.

2. You care so ridiculously much about your friends. I think it's super cute you want to shop for gifts from across the country so they're truly from you, even though I'd gladly do it. SO cute. :)

3. You call me every day to see how P90X is going. It's fun to be doing it "with" you.

4. You always ask how I am.

5. When we were compromising on husband and wife duties, you took on my two least favourites. Now, can you please come clean my counter? It needs you.


Jamie said...

Awwwwwww : )

kelsey lauren said...

I started a military girlfriend community!! come join ittt!!! head over to my blog to check it out :)

Jillian said...

Thanks for the follow! It's great to "meet" another military girlfriend! Looking forward to reading your blog.

Jillian said...

p.s. i just found the comment you left me! I'm so jealous you get to go to Thailand, please take pictures! I'm glad we share the love of asian food :) haha

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