Wednesday, December 7, 2011


One of my favourite delights around Christmas time is eggnog. I'm not a fan of all the sugar and weird modified milk ingredients is the conventional brands. As of yesterday, I cut out dairy from my diet too, to try and eliminate some respiratory issues I've been suffering from. This obviously was somewhat upsetting to me since I adore the nog.

I'm a google fanatic, so this prompted me to "google" (yes, it is a verb) vegan eggnog. I came across the Post Punk Kitchen recipe, that you can find here. I was intrigued that it had avocado in it, but assumed it was for thickening and I believe I was right!

Oh my word, blog friends. This vegan "eggnog" is amazing! If you're vegan, or you're just a eggnog loving health fanatic like me, I highly suggest you make it! It is the perfect consistency and just filled with love!


Lindsey (a running tale) said...

I have never been a fan of eggnog - more because of the taste but I would be interested in trying this recipe for sure. My husband and brother love their eggnog and rum on Christmas!

Jessica Lynn said...

My husband LOVES eggnog. He has a recipe he likes, but I'm half-tempted to make this for him and see if he can tell that it's vegan (and made with avocado). Seams like it could be a fun challenge!

...tell me more about dairy messing with your respiratory functions. I clearly adore dairy, but I do have some issues and I've never even considered putting the two together. I'd love to hear what you know! said...

I egg nog fan. But using avocado as a sub is so cool!

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