Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cooking for one.

(How precious does that look? Yeah, I just don't see it happening!)

Who loves cooking for one? ...anyone?

Hmm, I don't see any hands. Yeah, I feel the same way. I have noticed in the two weeks that Dan has been gone that my meals are quickly becoming quick, dull, and really quite boring. Last week I ate hashbrowns and eggs for a couple meals. I've also eaten yogurt and fruit for dinner. How about rice cakes with peanut butter? I'm not going to lie, I love all of these things but what happened to all the yummy food I'd make when the boy was here? This week I bought a bag of vegetables and fish! That's what I intend on eating for the rest of the week. I'm too lazy to cook just for me!

I find when I cook a delicious meal while alone, I end up eating it for a whole week or more. Sometimes this is good, but other times I'm dying for new flavours. Freezing food is always an option too and something I enjoy doing for quick, healthy meals. Soups, casseroles, stews and meatloaf all freeze well but being that it's summer, I really don't feel like this kind of hearty food!
How do you go about cooking for one? Do you make individual meals or do you prepare a lot in advance and freeze it by portions?

(Any small portioned recipes or "recipes for one" you'd like to share will be greatly appreciated! I promise to try them and report back! )


Jessica Lynn said...

Here's my go-to tip: Buy frozen fish (tilapia, salmon, etc.) that are frozen in individual portions. They're ridiculously easy to cook, too: Just thaw for a few hours (or even a few minutes under water still in the pouch), put it on some foil, dress it up however you'd like and then pop it in the oven.

I also sometimes make pancakes and keep the extras in the fridge, because for some reason I like pancakes when he's gone (comfort food, maybe?).

I try to make individual meals, because when I end up making something that serves four I don't eat the leftovers even though I say I will. I've considered buying the book you have above and this one, because it looks cool! The Pleasure is All Mine: Selfish Food for a Modern Life (http://www.amazon.com/Pleasure-All-Mine-Selfish-Modern/dp/006168712X/ref=wl_it_dp_o?ie=UTF8&coliid=I2BKA1J5VLBX2D&colid=23FSRMUSFVR65)

ALW said...

Oh gosh...how I don't miss cooking for one! I agree with Jess. Individually packaged fish are great! I think I used my George Foreman grill like crazy every time J was gone. I need to find a 220v one for when he leaves next month. :(

Abby said...

I am the WORST at cooking for one. I never eat delicious savory meals, unless they are made in the crock pot lol.

ashley said...

Jess, I will definitely look into buying the pre-packaged fish! I did that once and ended up eating super boring fish because I didn't do anything with it! I think I need to invest in one of those books!

Amanada, I think having a George Foreman grill would help!

Abby, I should really bust out my crock pot but it feels like such a winter thing! I think I'll go find some recipes now! :)

Jessica Lynn said...

When I get some time I'll write down what I put on fish to spice it up. I used to not cook fish because it was too boring, but now I LOVE it! I'll try sending you some ideas tomorrow.

ashley said...

I would love to know how you spice up your fish! :)

Jamie said...

Oh I'm interested in the fish recipes too!! Like Jess, I always say I will eat leftovers and never do. Ugh, so I waste a lot of food and have trouble cooking for myself. I eat a lot of boring meals- plenty of chicken! I also love frozen salmon though and use bbq sauce on it but that's just cause I love bbq sauce. Oh and I know Hungry Girl has a lot of single serving recipes!

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