Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Can we take the "wordless" out of this Wednesday?

I love this picture. That is exactly how I feel about each and everyone of us enduring the separations that military life brings. We CAN do it and the strength that we possess not only individually, but in our relationships is very great.
I was absolutely miserable a few weeks after Dan told me he was leaving. I was horrible, never happy and just simply not myself. I'm not sure Dan thought it was ever going to end because I was being so irrational. I must have got all my bad energy out during those few weeks because I feel SO positive and wonderful right now. I mean, I obviously miss him a lot. I almost started crying on my walk home from the gym when I saw a couple playing at a park having fun together and the smell of the summer BBQ's but I managed to hold it together.
I love being independent and having time for myself. Currently, I'm working on a 30 Day Gym Challenge which is going great and I will fill my Dan-less time with similar challenges, school, and participating in anything where I can better myself.
What do you do during your "me" time?


Abby said...


Bad picture, but I have that poster framed in my room :)

I am so used to "ME" time, that it will be weirder having "US" time haha. I appreciate being my own person, and as much as I can't wait to be with Collin, I know we are both VERY independent people. So I will fill my me time with reading, WOLing, running, biking (which can also be us time!), working, and hopefully making new friends in texas :)

Jessica Lynn said...

I also make challenges for myself and also do a whole lot of lounging and relaxing. During his deployment I was so busy with friends that weeks flew by and I was so busy that I just longed to have a night in...this time I'm trying to make more "me" time.

Jenny said...

I pretty much work and chill online, lol. That's about all the time I have... :) I think I need to start cooking more, that would be a good thing to strive for.

Jenny said...

PS, I made a blog... I sent you a PM on MIG, but I don't know if you went over there yet today.

Jamie said...

I love that picture too!!! And you know I love my "me" time as well. I spend it mostly working and taking my time doing tasks I'd otherwise rush... grocery shopping at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and the regular store in one night is no problem when no one is waiting for me at home. I can work out, watch whatever I want on TV, and just relax. Honestly the time flies for me... sometimes I feel bad when Ryan complains about being bored and how slow it goes for him. It seems like I get home from work, blink, and it's time for bed!

LeahMarie said...

I'm so glad to see how positive you are! I love to read in me "me" time. It's my most favorite thing ever. When Rob was away I loved watching chick flicks by myself and crying it all out if I needed to. I also like baking! :)

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