Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am sad to report that there has been a delay in the cleanse. Bava sent out my cleanse on Monday for next day delivery by 8:30am. Apparently, Canada Post fails in a really bad way and STILL haven't delivered it. Nevertheless, Bava is really stepping it up so kudos to them! They had another cleanse out for delivery bright and early this am with a courier company so it will reach me tomorrow morning.

Yesterday, I was a VERY unhappy person while waiting for my cleanse to arrive. I didn't eat until 2pm because I was oh so hopeful it would magically appear. It didn't but the Chinese food I ordered was amazing. Note to self - never do that again because bad (but yummy!) food choices are made.

So, stay tuned, blog friends for my reviews on their product in the next few days!

ETA: The first cleanse delivery was delivered this afternoon. It wasn't pretty. The postal worker placed the juice on the reception part of my desk and it dripped out everywhere. Drip may not even be the right word. Exploded would be a better description. Pressure had built up and the caps (which are strong!) and popped like champagne corks. I wish I took photos because it would have been entertaining to you, I'm sure. Tomorrow will bring new juice, a positive attitude, and a happy, healthy cleanse. Can't wait.


Jillian said...

Oh bummer! At least their sending you another. They sound like our movers who said they'd bring our stuff today/yesterday, but are instead bringing it friday. What's with these people ;)

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