Tuesday, July 26, 2011


After what feels like a million hours of talking about juicing, cleansing and the whole catastrophe, I'm actually going to make a positive post about it! I bought my juicer on Friday night and boy have I been having fun. I made a trip to the market and got all sorts of fun veggies like beets, kale, fenugreek, ginger, and a host of other things!

This morning's juice is blogworthy. Seriously, it is amazing. I've only taken a few sips so far because I'm waiting for it to chill in the fridge for awhile, but it's fantastic.

Look at that gorgeous green colour. Pure health.

You might be curious to know what is in this! Half a head of romaine lettuce, 3 stalks of kale (don't think they are juicy enough!), a lemon, 2 apples, and a small piece of ginger. Obviously this isn't all of it, it made quite a bit! I highly recommend.


J and A said...

Cool! I have always wanted a juicer! :)

Jessica Lynn said...

woohoo - go you! Did it taste very...lettucey? I've done the green smoothies where I've put more fruit in and like two cups of spinach, but I haven't tried lettuce or kale before.

Fran said...

So jealous! I've always wanted a juicer :)

Amanda said...

It sounds too dang healthy to be as delicious as you describe... I just might have to try this.

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